Mental Health Programs

10% of all sales generated at our Stop 'N Shop events and through our online store go to our mental health programs.

Currently, that 10% is being funneled to the Irvington Counseling Collective, a Indianapolis-based mental health non-profit. They plan on using our funds to help minorities and members of the LGBTQA community have better access to mental health resources. 

Our long term vision is to become a non-profit ourselves. 

Once we are a non-profit: 

Our programs will start within the borders of Indianapolis and seek to collaborate with college campuses (i.e. Marian, Butler, IUPUI, and University of Indianapolis) in the following ways: 

  1. Help each university put on an annual mental health week 
  2. Plant a support group on campus (think a non-religious YoungLife that has an activity once per week and a dedicated “pow wow” day another time that week where you can support each other, maybe it’s just once a month so that the focus isn’t all negative or all surface level)
  3. Create a fund for students/young adults in the specific college area that helps with practical needs (i.e. rent, utilities, bills) or directly pay for free/scaled counseling initiatives in the college’s community
  4. Build a list of resources available on campus/in the area (other non-profit resources ex: Irvington Counseling Collective)
  5. Collaborate with the university to host an annual flea market on a college campus that will support young-adult small businesses within that community

By focusing on points 1 through 5, Classic Buffalo will strategically make a direct impact on the communities that need help the most. We won’t go for speed, we will go for impact and one college at a time. Slow and steady wins the race.