Musicians of Indy

Meet Indy's TOP artists that deserve a listen!

Corey Gossett, Genre: R&B

Born and raised in southern Indianapolis, Corey has been making music since middle school. Through steady grinding, he's found his sound and has recently moved to Dayton to pursue music full-time. Listen to his most recent project "All the Best" below:


James Otha, Genre: Hip-Hop

James Otha's sound is a wonderful mix of low-fi sounds and hip hop. His music can be found to contain reverb and trippy type beats. He's an underrated lyricist and you'll get lost in his music (in a good way). Check out his latest single "I am Dirty" below: 

Karte Carter, Genre: Hip-Hop


Karte Carter is a transplant from the south but he calls Indy home. He has been quietly working on an untitled project for the last two years. It is slated to release in 2021. Listen to his latest single below: