Vendor Program

Classic Buffalo is not one single entity but a "herd" of individuals and small businesses around the Midwestern region. Artists, potters, florists, jewelers, designers, re-purposers, and re-sellers all make up "Classic Buffalo" each with their own individual dreams and aspirations. 

We seek to promote Classic Buffalo vendors in two ways: Through physical pop-up retail events and by providing a low-cost online marketplace. 

These pop-up events are called "Stop 'N Shops" and are hosted several times a month around Indianapolis. A big hurdle for some vendors these days is the high booth fee. This causes vendors to worry about covering the cost of their booth and sometimes is hardly able to enjoy the event itself. Classic Buffalo is different.

At our Stop 'N Shop events, vendors will pay no booth fee. The only "fee" that we take is 10% of whatever a vendor sells during that event. Now, if a vendor only sells $50 dollars worth of goods, they are up $45 dollars by the end of the day instead of breaking even or even down more money as booth costs can range between $50-$300 dollars! 

For our virtual marketplace ( the 10% fee still applies. We take 6.5% and 3.5% is taken for using the Shopify platform.

So where does the 10% that we take go? Well, our long-term goal is to funnel it to our own mental health programming, but until that is setup, we are donating that 10% each month to a local Indianapolis initiative that will have the most direct impact.

Currently, we are sending our vendor fees to the Irvington Counseling Collective that specializes in providing Mental Health services to minorities and the LGBTQA community (learn more here:, Updated August 2022)

For more information to become a vendor with Classic Buffalo, please reach out to Ryan Monson on Instagram (@ClassicBuffalo) or by email: