The Classic Buffalo Story

In 2012, Ryan started a clothing company called "Kingly" that focused on creating affordable streetwear for his college campus. Over time, Ryan saw the potential for creating a brand with a greater purposed behind it.

Ryan wanted to create a brand that, when worn, meant that you had a story and would serve as an encouragement piece to those who were struggling.

In 2015, Ryan called this company "Classic Buffalo". He settled on this name for a few reasons. Firstly, "Classic" means high-value and it also is another word for an important story like "Canterbury Tales". He believed that EVERYONE had an important story worth sharing.

Secondly, he chose Buffalo because they never travel alone and are always a part of a "herd", which translated to the slogan "Be Herd" which means that you deserve for your story to be heard and for you to be supported by a herd of encouraging individuals.

In 2016, Ryan graduated college and lacking clarity on how to do it full time, Classic Buffalo was put on the shelf.

In 2017, Ryan started Midwest Athletic Supply in order to make some money back on some of his hats, video games, and clothes that he wasn't wearing. Later that year, he decided to focus exclusively on vintage clothing and changed his company name to "Vintage Indy".

By 2019, Ryan had set out and visited EVERY Goodwill in the state of Indiana, becoming the first to do so. Despite the notoriety and success gained from doing this, there was still something missing.

Later that year, Classic Buffalo returned but in a podcast format where Ryan interviewed everyday people on their struggles and successes in Mental Health.

Over time, Ryan started to see both the benefit and need for creating encouraging communities at scale. Things like therapy and medication were great but creating a group of supportive friends for the 18-35 demographic was key in limiting the negative impact of mental illness.

Ryan realized that a non-profit that setup these community groups would be beneficial but would need funding, and that is what Classic Buffalo is today.

As of 2021, Classic Buffalo is a flea market full of midwestern small businesses that provides the funding needed to do our mental health programming.