Vendor FAQ

Q1. How much does it cost to rent a booth at one of your "Stop 'N Shops?"

A: There is no up front fee like traditional flea markets. You will only pay Classic Buffalo 10% of your sales during our event. If you sell $50 dollars in goods, you will pay us $5 dollars through Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, or Cash (whichever is easiest). This 10% will then be funneled to our mental health programming at the time. 

Q2. How big will my space be at "Stop 'N Shop?"

A: Each venue is different but you will always be able to have enough room for a rack of clothes or a table to put your goods on. Some spaces you might have a tent's worth of space (10 ft. x 10 ft), while others you might have less. Always plan for less with the option to go bigger!

Q3. What are some items that I cannot sell with Classic Buffalo? 

  • Multi-level Marketing Material (anything related to an MLM)
  • Drugs or Drug-related goods
  • Anything related to smoking/vaping/CBD/THC/Weed
  • Make-up or goods that are not FDA approved
  • Consumable goods (must have permits to vend, otherwise prohibited)
  • Weapons 

Q4. How will I know when upcoming events are? 

A: You can be added to a Instagram group chat where dates will be announced. If you do not have Instagram, you can get on an email or text list. Since we are early on in getting venues and partnerships set up, the time between announcement and the date of the Stop 'N Shops will be shorter. 

Any other questions, please email as our FAQ is ever evolving and understand it may not be comprehensive.